Leafy seadragon tours

Did we say they're iconic? Yeah, we didn't need to, everyone else has said it enough that you know that by now.

We have expert guides who know many of them by name and can take you to hang out with them from $245 per person, with extra dives available from $50 per dive.

There are a few Strictly Commercial operators who like to book large groups to squeeze a few extra dollars out of each guide's working day, and who will offer Exciting Discounts if you bring your own large group, but really, you're going to have a much better experience doing this with a small group. I shouldn't need to explain why.

If you're just visiting and travelling light, we can also supply whatever hire gear you might require.

Divers Delight stock an extensive range of new and well maintained equipment for sale and hire.

S.A. It's more than just Leafies and Great Whites!

If you're looking to visit any of the other exceptional dive sites that South Australia has to offer, we might be able to help you with that too.

It's a big state, so guided tours can get expensive, but if you know what you want, we probably know how to get you there!