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The Leafy Sea Dragon is only found on the southern coasts of Australia, which is why people come from all around the world to see them!

Leafy Sea Dragons, or "Leafies" as we like to call them, are a relative of the sea horse. Leafies have larger bodies than sea horses and have leaf like appendages which causes them to blend in with sea weed and kelp. To the untrained eye sea dragons can be very difficult to find, so why not take advantage of our tour leaders and let them find them for you!

Our Leafy Sea Dragon Tours are conducted at Rapid Bay, arguably South Australia's premier dive site!

Rapid Bay is situated on the northern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula about 1.5 hours drive south of Adelaide. The bay is sheltered from the prevailing currents and as such visibility is often between 15 and 20 meters. The original Rapid Bay Jetty was completed in 1942 and pushes out 448m into the bay were it connects to a wharf or “T-Head” 198m in length. The original jetty is now closed, but a new jetty was completed in 2009 with a purpose built dive platform and is how divers now access the dive site below the old jetty. Rapid Bay Jetty is one of the most consistent places in Australia to see Leafy Sea Dragons.


For more information about Leafy Sea Dragons and other underwater life follow the link below:



If you are not a certified scuba diver, you are still able to dive with the sea dragons!  We are able to provide a discover scuba diving experience program to get you in the water with these magestic creatures. Follow the link below or contact us for more information:


Details of our tours are as follows:
Cost: from $195 per person


Extras available:
•Extra Dive - $50.


Timings: Depart Divers Delight at approximately 8am & return at approximately 3pm

(later if conducting more than one dive).


Location: The dive takes place at Rapid Bay Jetty (see above).


What might I see?

You will see Leafy Sea Dragons, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, pufferfish, perch, squid, stingray, wrasse and many more. Rapid Bay is teeming with aquatic life.




Leafy Sea Dragon Tours

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